Training Source:

The Way Training Works

The Los Rios Training Source has been serving training needs of business and industry in the capital region for over 20 years.

The Training Source tailors training and interventions to make positive behavioral changes in your employees and obtain beneficial business impacts in the workplace. Our expert consultants and trainers are enthusiastic, experienced, and creative developers of innovative, dynamic classes and materials that engage and assure employee success.

Government Training Academy:

Workforce Solutions for Public Agencies

The Los Rios Government Training Academy (GTA) is the largest provider of customized training to public agencies in the greater capital region. The Government Training Academy is a proven partner with government, leading the way in meeting the unique needs and workforce challenges of state, county, and city government.

The GTA’s response is cost-effective, flexible, and includes proven methods for assuring that the training or intervention has a positive impact and the value of the training can be measured.

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